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Data Collection
In general, we collect only your IP address along with the dates and times of access, as this not avoidable due to the technical workings of a webserver. We do not link this information to any personally identifiable information.

Storage of User Files and generated Data
All submitted files or inputs as well as the converted output are deleted automatically after half an hour. No backups are made and only employees of are able to access your files. We keep the files for the sole purpose for giving you enough time to download them. We do not look at the files or mine any data from them.

How we use Cookies
We use cookies solely for functional purposes, without storing any user information. For example, we store information like selected input options to increase the usability of our site. We do not use cookies to track you.
However, Google Analytics, Google DoubleClick, and Google Adsense, which we are using on this site, do use cookies on our site to help analyse the web traffic or determine targeted advertisements based on your preferences, your visit on our sites and other sites on the internet. To opt out of Google’s use of cookies, please visit the Google ad and content network privacy policy. If you prefer not to use cookies at all, we recommend adjusting your browser settings accordingly.